Michael Fisher, MA, NIC

Interpreter Coordinator for Mill Neck Interpreter Service

Michael Fisher is an Interpreter Coordinator for Mill Neck Interpreter Service. He graduated from Keuka College with a B.S. in American Sign Language/English Interpreting and later earned his M.A. in Applied Linguistics and Foreign Language Pedagogy. He also earned his National Interpreter Certification from the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf in 2018. Michael joined MNIS in December 2018 as an interpreter after relocating to Long Island from Rochester, N.Y., and transitioned to the coordinating team in November 2020. As an interpreter he worked in a variety of settings, including postsecondary, K-12, social services, medical/mental health, corporate, platform, performance, and the video relay service. Now Michael works to assure that all interpreting requests are covered by interpreters who best fit the assignment. He also coordinates and participates in all assessments for interpreters interested in joining MNIS.